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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Two Barrels of Chlorine Gas Dropped: Prayer Needed for Healing

The question at issue, two barrels of chlorine gas have been dropped on Saraqeb, Syria (late on Monday, August 1), what can we do to help those afflicted? Who is responsible and why it was done are not the urgent questions, rather it is how we can effectively pray to bring healing to the approximate 30 suffering in consequence -- mostly innocent women and children. 

The need of the moment is for healing, for relief, for the saving power of divine Love to rest upon them. Can you help? Yes.

What do we need to include (or exclude) in our prayerful thinking so it is effective in healing? First, prayer needs to be more listening (to God) than informing Him. God knows all and knows the reality of His own infinitude of Good. We need to get on the side of His thought and vision. Right where evil, fear, pain, physical discomfort, threat, and violence appear, right there we must get into the embrace of that intelligent Love who makes us see from His higher view -- makes us see what is actual and real. The Scriptures say that God "is of purer eyes than to behold evil." It is not that He is unable to see everything -- God sees all and "behold, it is very good." We are seeing things incorrectly with a false perception. If we see things as they really are, we can see only Good, for God, Good fills all space "and there is none beside Him." This higher spiritual standpoint goes against all the physical sense presentation. However, holding to the infinitude of God as all good and all-loving, we are knowing truth, and Jesus said that would make us free. It will heal. 

So how to help? Turn thought to realize goodness and Love, like a gentle Light, filling all space and resting as a healing presence on those who have unjustly been afflicted. This is the Christ presence and it heals, comforts, and restores. 

What must we not include in our thinking? Blame, anger, astonishment. These obstruct. Turn so fully to God, Goodness and Love, that it is all that fills your thought. This Christly activity of thought manifests blessings and healing. The little ones in Saraqeb need us. Bring the true Light and behold them from God's eye view, safe in the midst of His Being of Love.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Floods and Severe Damage Neutralized by Prayer

Thousands need immediate help as floods in West Virginia have washed away homes and left an 18-person death toll with many more unaccounted for at this time. Rescue workers need our prayerful support as they are lovingly compelled to search for and help any remaining victims.

One story, reported by the Associated Press, enumerates the increasingly shocking steps a desperate woman took as water filled her home. Speaking with her husband by phone, she told of climbing up into the attic to escape the water, and then smelling natural gas. She managed to get out through a vent and then hold tight to a tree for hours until finally rescued. Let us pray that any other brave souls who might still be clinging to life are found and saved.

In an effort to comfort and strengthen any one in a similar position as the woman holding to the tree, please take a few minutes with me to affirm the presence of the gentle Love of God, the universal I AM. Love "casts out fear," the Scriptures assure us, and "God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind' (II Timothy 1:7). God, Love, is present; fear is abated, gone. Let the gentle presence of Love enfold all those holding on who are in scary circumstances, never expected, and give them comfort and strength. Let the divine Intelligence guide the rescue workers to go exactly to the right places and have power to successfully help.

Let us also prayerfully affirm that the hand of God, Good, is over each county that has suffered from the flooding, and that restoration be quick.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Egypt Airline

With a spiritual eye on the news, two questions must be addressed concerning the Egypt Airline tragedy. 1) How can we best console those who have lost loved ones? 2) How can we pray effectively to prevent further catastrophes?

Both questions are complex, and each will most likely be addressed inaudibly and from a distance. These factors do not interfere with the application of the power of God to comfort, heal, and protect.

First, there is always shock when such things occur -- and intense sadness. It affects everyone, but those with close family or friends are most devastated. The best comfort I know comes as a gift from Christ Jesus whose cross-and-resurrection lesson demonstrated the reality of continuous life in a very substantial way. There is no doubt that each individual continues his or her experience of life, and that in reality, there is no separation but what the material senses suggest. The truth (that makes free) is that we "live, move, and have our being" in the One Infinite I AM. No one ever loses Life (the one true Life is God). Each one of us is the expression of his very Being, Mind, Love.

Preventative prayer? God is All there is and He fills all space. He is the one Intelligence and is all good. In reality all is God, Spirit, and the spiritual universe (timeless and eternal) is all there is -- we are in it and it is in us. The Scriptures say that God is "Light in whom is no darkness at all," all good in whom there is no evil at all. Realization of the everpresence of Good precludes bad things from occurring. It is where we go for true safety. We are always under the shadow of His wing, safe. These truths, realized, are a law to the case for you and will protect and defend you perfectly.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Worst air pollution in the world

BBC News reports on the cities that are the worst polluted in the world, Zabol, Iran, being number one. The next are in India. They report that plans are in place to deal with this massive problem that causes premature death, "more than seven million premature deaths occur every year due to air pollution."

What spiritual antidote can we bring to this problem? What do you think of the atmosphere of Spirit? In the allness of God, in the infinitude of Spirit, there is certain purity. Breathing in the atmosphere that is all Love must have a healing effect.

In the documentary of "The Secret" you can find Mr. Emoto's work on water and the effects of thought on its quality. There is a book available that shows how projected emotions toward water in bottles labeled such things as "hate," "fear," "love," "peace," and so forth. Mr. Emoto then takes the water drops and freezes them to crystalized forms. The positive thoughts create beautiful crystals, while negative ones create ugly images. In this documentary there is an extremely polluted lake. The water crystal from that lake was monstrous. Then a monk came to pray over the water. The change after that prayer was magnificent. The water cleared and the new image of the crystal was amazing and beautiful. This power of thought over water surely must work over air quality as well!

Then let us unite in prayer for the air quality that will result in saving lives in these cities. How can we do this? Jesus said that we would know the truth and it would make us free. The truth of the pure atmosphere of Spirit filling all space -- realized -- has that same kind of power seen in the monk's prayer over the polluted lake to cleanse it.

All space is filled with God, Soul, Spirit -- Love that brings life. Let's affirm the safety of God's children and the omnipresence of His pure Being.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hopes are Up for Canada's Wildfire Crisis

Our last blog asked for prayer that realizes the presence and power of divine Love in regard to Canada's wildfire in Alberta. BBC News reports that a "turning point" has been reached "partly thanks to drizzle and favorable winds," and, we might add, thanks to the omnipresence of the dear One, Spirit, Love Itself, doing what it does in the way of expressing care.

The Scriptures describe God as "[holding] the wind in His fists," -- hence favorable winds manifest as we unite in realization of the power of Good right there where the disaster appears to be.

BBC reports that over 80,000 people have evacuated -- let's see them in the care of the Mother-Love of the universe, supplying all that is needed very moment. Let us transfer all gratitude to the omnipresent One whose presence manifests in helpful winds and bits of rain  -- commonly called "Mother Nature," but rightly known as the Mother-Love. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley happily announces that "the firs had not spread as fast as had been feared."

The Bible gives us rules, instructions, and laws that we must know -- often affirmed as the exact opposite of the evil being witnessed or reported. It is the law of Love that knowing its presence and power brings help in unexpected and wonderful ways.

Many rescue stories and encouragement one of another permeates this scene. Much bravery, boldness, and courage is manifested by the firefighters, by those who are helping despite the danger, by those who have to continue to endure this threat, and by those who have been evacuated. Peace be to each one. Peace and calm be to everyone.

Full story:

Friday, May 6, 2016

Prayer for Rain to quench the fire

In Alberta, Canada, a huge wildfire continues to rage and is expected to increase even further in the next 24 hours. BBC News reports that it now "covers an area larger than New York City." The hope is for rain. There has not been significant rain for some time. Everything is dry. 

Let us please unite in prayer that realizes the presence of divine Love. When Elijah prayed to show the presence and power of the one true God, fire fell from heaven. When we pray about the fire in Alberta, rain surely can be what falls from heaven to calm and put out the flames. Pray to realize no fear or panic -- nothing but Love.
Trained personnel are now searching for any remaining persons who need evacuation or help. Divine Love is present with each one of us as His own precious child. Anyone in need of help is getting help. Not one slips through the cracks. Even each small pet creature is in the special care of the dear Father -- all are getting help.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Social Media Panic

Kenya's Chase Bank suffered "panic withdrawals on Wednesday, caused by "inaccurate" rumours on social media ( Social media constitutes a mixed bag -- blessings on one hand, and dangers on the other. In this case it  caused "hundreds of customers [to flock] to Chase branches and ATM machines countrywide to withdraw their cash on Thursday, only to find them closed." This situation needs positive spiritual attention and prayer so that innocent people do not lose their resources or be denied immediate access to funds that belong to them. The financial reports from the bank and its audits do not appear consistent. There are so many things we do not know in such cases. What can we do? 

Rather than worry over the unknown, we should focus on spiritual facts that are changeless and concrete. What are these spiritual facts? We can find them in the Scriptures. The more we collectively hold to positive truths regarding supply, the better the global economy, and the better your individual financial situation. 

Here are a few spiritual facts from the Scriptures to hold in thought. 
Phil. 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 
Prov. 8:1 ¶ Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? 
Prov. 8:10 Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold. 
Prov. 8:11 For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. 
See Mark, chapter 6, "loaves and fishes."
Luke 12:15 And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.
Matt. 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Let us pray that these spiritual facts manifest and aid those in Kenya who are dealing with this bank crisis. May God's love rest on them and bring justice and peace. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Attack and the Healing Response of divine Love

BBC News in Asia today, reports on "the attack against Christians celebrating Easter" at a funfair in a park ( Hundreds were injured and dozens of innocent children died.  
Although "Jamaat-ul-Ahrar said the target of its Easter Sunday attack was the Christian community," many who died were Muslims. "In the end," unfortunately, "those killed and wounded were simply Pakistani citizens spending a day out in the park with their children."  
After his visits to the victims in the hospital, Mr. Sharif, at a "later security meeting," said that "defeating terrorism was imperative." Absolutely. 
Terrorism is not something new to the world, but it is something the greater part of humanity rejects. It is not in accord with the nature of the Infinite One who is Spirit and Love. Violence does not emanate from the Source of all Being which is Love. This is a powerful fact to realize in prayer because whatever is not aligned to the divine nature has, in reality, no power, since God, Spirit, is omnipotent and supreme. This truth is mighty and realizing this fact causes things to happen in a saving direction. 
In the book of Revelation, evil at its worst is symbolized by the "great red dragon" (12:3). This evil, one form of which is terrorism, is bound with a great chain by "an angel come down from heaven" and "cast into the bottomless pit" for a thousand years "that he should deceive the nations no more" (20:1-3). The nature of the Dragon (evil, terrorism) is deception. The nature of God, Good, is Truth. According to the Master, Christ Jesus, the Truth makes us free. To be free of terrorism we must know the deep truth, or reality, of divine Love's ever-presence and omnipotence. 
There is never a moment when Love is not present. When evil seems violently present as in this terrorist attack, the strongest power against it -- one that will aid those taking practical outward steps to prevent further victimization and loss -- is to humbly ask for the realization of God's presence and power as the Light of Love filling all space and encircling everyone. 
Evil is deceptive. It appears to be present and hurtful. Truth exposes its nothingness and shows itself in protection and healing. 
Even now, to declare that our divine Father was present and protecting His little ones, no matter what it looked like, will bring healing physically and emotionally to those who seem to have been hurt. The dear ones who we mourn, they are in the Father's arms, whole and comforted. Let us pray for that comfort to rest on each of us, and for the healing power that comes with realizing the allness and ever presence of God, Good, Spirit and Love. Let the wounds be healed. Let the uplifting resurrection power be felt by all who suffered in this attack.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Art to Encourage Syrian Children

Diana Brisly, Syrian artist now living in Beirut, sends encouragement to children in her home country. She explains, "You can put philosophy in a painting," and many of her pieces are featured in a surviving children's magazine, Zayton and Zaytona. The aim is to give children hope and help them hold to their dreams while living in a war zone and witnessing things that no one should ever have to face ( 

It is a natural thing to cover your child's eyes at the sight of something bad or frightening. We do it at the movies and should do it for all presentations of evil. The innocent mind full of natural wonder and love of play should not have ugly, violent, war pictures before their gaze every day, no have to bear the loss of loved family members or damage to their own bodies. Brisly is giving them her best in art; she is teaching and encouraging through paintings that people risk their lives and freedom to distribute. 

What can we give? What can we do to help? How can we reach a child in Syria's war zone right now to protect and give hope? Some of us may find ways to respond hands-on or in-person, but most of us need to respond metaphysically through extraordinarily powerful prayer that becomes practical even at such a distance to a multitude of young children to decrease violence before their eyes. Let's put the beautiful and meaningful paintings of divine Spirit and Love before their eyes instead. This requires seeing spiritually, a thing more difficult for the more mature and educated ming than for a child who embraces spirituality naturally.

Our effective prayer comes with seeing from God's eyes. See the Light of Love everywhere, gently embracing everything, filling all the space in Syria and all the space around each and every child there. See them surrounded in a gentle but impervious light -- the light that is God whose Word changes chaos to order, and senseless fighting and violence to peace, rest, calm, and joy. God is ever-present and "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (II Corinthians 3:17). 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Urgent Need: Christian refugees held in Thailand

Please see the news article on BBC.

The Christians held in Thailand after fleeing Pakistan

Monday, February 1, 2016

The culprit: Aedes aegypti mosquito / The cure: Truth

The Aedes aegypti mosquito appears to be the culprit in the wide-spread Zika virus epidemic moving through El Salvador and spreading through Latin America. The situation urgently needs our prayerful attention. Symptoms can be very mild, or extremely irritating, but worst of all, the virus from the mosquito bites is transmitted to developing babies in the womb. The situation is so bad that the El Salvador government is urging women not to get pregnant during this year (or even next year). The huge problem for the babies is that the virus aims at the brain, and babies are likely to be born with small heads. There is "no known cure." Or is there?

Due to the fact that Christ Jesus healed "all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people" and said that his followers should do so likewise, we should seriously and deeply pray about this situation with a healing prayer. Do not waste time with doubt or wavering, just know the truth as the Master instructed. Know the truth and let it operate to "make free" (John 8:32). What is this healing truth we are to know? Is it not the truth of spiritual reality, the allness of God, omnipotent Good that fills all space and consciousness? The Scripture says that "God is Light" and that there is "no darkness (no evil) in Him at all" (I John 1:5). A virus that is evil and works evil is definitely darkness; a virus that attacked innocent babies in the process of development in the sanctity of the womb, is nothing but dark. But in God, in the infinite Light that is Good filling all space (which includes within the womb), there is "no darkness at all." 

Our healing prayer then is to realize the presence of the Light of God, Good, gently illumining and encompassing the babies, holding them gently in the golden glow of divine Love -- safe. Then know that this prayer, this realization, this truth, is making "free" as Jesus promised. These little ones are free from effects of the great fear collectively and personally aimed toward them in this regard -- they are rather under the Law of Him that is Life and Love, who protects them in the Light of His own Goodness. These little ones are developing in Spirit and Love, exempt from harm or Zika danger -- for there is "no darkness" in the Light that is God -- no evil at all in the infinitude of Love. The babies are in "the secret place of the most High" (Psalm 91:1).

Hold to this truth no matter what, and it will manifest, it will help, it will heal, bless, and protect. 

See full news article:
El Salvador launches fight against Zika