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Monday, May 9, 2016

Hopes are Up for Canada's Wildfire Crisis

Our last blog asked for prayer that realizes the presence and power of divine Love in regard to Canada's wildfire in Alberta. BBC News reports that a "turning point" has been reached "partly thanks to drizzle and favorable winds," and, we might add, thanks to the omnipresence of the dear One, Spirit, Love Itself, doing what it does in the way of expressing care.

The Scriptures describe God as "[holding] the wind in His fists," -- hence favorable winds manifest as we unite in realization of the power of Good right there where the disaster appears to be.

BBC reports that over 80,000 people have evacuated -- let's see them in the care of the Mother-Love of the universe, supplying all that is needed very moment. Let us transfer all gratitude to the omnipresent One whose presence manifests in helpful winds and bits of rain  -- commonly called "Mother Nature," but rightly known as the Mother-Love. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley happily announces that "the firs had not spread as fast as had been feared."

The Bible gives us rules, instructions, and laws that we must know -- often affirmed as the exact opposite of the evil being witnessed or reported. It is the law of Love that knowing its presence and power brings help in unexpected and wonderful ways.

Many rescue stories and encouragement one of another permeates this scene. Much bravery, boldness, and courage is manifested by the firefighters, by those who are helping despite the danger, by those who have to continue to endure this threat, and by those who have been evacuated. Peace be to each one. Peace and calm be to everyone.

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