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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Attack and the Healing Response of divine Love

BBC News in Asia today, reports on "the attack against Christians celebrating Easter" at a funfair in a park ( Hundreds were injured and dozens of innocent children died.  
Although "Jamaat-ul-Ahrar said the target of its Easter Sunday attack was the Christian community," many who died were Muslims. "In the end," unfortunately, "those killed and wounded were simply Pakistani citizens spending a day out in the park with their children."  
After his visits to the victims in the hospital, Mr. Sharif, at a "later security meeting," said that "defeating terrorism was imperative." Absolutely. 
Terrorism is not something new to the world, but it is something the greater part of humanity rejects. It is not in accord with the nature of the Infinite One who is Spirit and Love. Violence does not emanate from the Source of all Being which is Love. This is a powerful fact to realize in prayer because whatever is not aligned to the divine nature has, in reality, no power, since God, Spirit, is omnipotent and supreme. This truth is mighty and realizing this fact causes things to happen in a saving direction. 
In the book of Revelation, evil at its worst is symbolized by the "great red dragon" (12:3). This evil, one form of which is terrorism, is bound with a great chain by "an angel come down from heaven" and "cast into the bottomless pit" for a thousand years "that he should deceive the nations no more" (20:1-3). The nature of the Dragon (evil, terrorism) is deception. The nature of God, Good, is Truth. According to the Master, Christ Jesus, the Truth makes us free. To be free of terrorism we must know the deep truth, or reality, of divine Love's ever-presence and omnipotence. 
There is never a moment when Love is not present. When evil seems violently present as in this terrorist attack, the strongest power against it -- one that will aid those taking practical outward steps to prevent further victimization and loss -- is to humbly ask for the realization of God's presence and power as the Light of Love filling all space and encircling everyone. 
Evil is deceptive. It appears to be present and hurtful. Truth exposes its nothingness and shows itself in protection and healing. 
Even now, to declare that our divine Father was present and protecting His little ones, no matter what it looked like, will bring healing physically and emotionally to those who seem to have been hurt. The dear ones who we mourn, they are in the Father's arms, whole and comforted. Let us pray for that comfort to rest on each of us, and for the healing power that comes with realizing the allness and ever presence of God, Good, Spirit and Love. Let the wounds be healed. Let the uplifting resurrection power be felt by all who suffered in this attack.

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