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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Refuge and Home

Refuge and Home

The ever-increasing wave of refugees seeking safe homes, pose complex issues for European countries who are so moved to provide shelter and aid. Yahoo News reports that "migrants and refugees to Europe from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea and elsewhere this year" are pouring into Europe, particularly to Germany, creating a huge demand for temporary as well as permanent housing. There were 400,000 applications for  asylum in Europe in just the first half of this year. More applicants hope to resettle and begin anew in the United States. While many government agencies and volunteers welcome and help these individuals, resistance remains, sometimes seen in destructive acts that delay rescue for oppressed families. The question remains, what about a country's own homeless situation? How can home be provided for all inhabitants, those already present and those who are coming in new?

The underlying idea of home, innate in each of us, remains forever a constituent part of individual and collective identity. Each one of us includes "home" in consciousness, a spiritual fact that must find expression in everyday experience. To effectively pray so that spiritual solutions become tangible reality here and now, we must cling to the truth that no one can be deprived of home any more than anyone could be devoid of free use of the number 4, or 6, or 1,000, etc. 

Home, metaphysically conceived, is one's specific and safe place in the universe of Spirit, or in the words of Christ Jesus, the "kingdom of heaven within" (within thought). The universe of Love is home to man, the spiritual image and likeness of God, and includes provisions that are appropriate and excellent from the Source of all being, the compassionate, divine Intelligence. 

To relinquish the ordinary sense of finite measure for the limitless and measureless truth of spiritual actuality not only aids in solving the issues of housing and help for refugees, but this unselfish prayer, coupled with true compassion, returns  good to you 10 to 100-fold.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 500 Nigerian Girls Need Rescue

Nigerian Girls Need Rescue 500th day

You are invited to bring a spiritual view, and therefore spiritual power, to the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign protesting the abduction of 276 female students in Nigeria 500 days ago (only 57 escaped). A video released last May by Boko Haram showed 100 of the girls in Muslim attire. It announced that they had converted and were now married.  Today’s march on the capital and evening candle-lit vigil marks the 500 days. Although this incident has received world-wide attention, the hope of rescue is dwindling – it is a call for compassionate spiritual support which reaches into every nook, crevice, or hiding place with its presence, light, spiritual power, and protection. It is reported that the military knows where these female students are located but are in a quandary as to the rescue operation as it would endanger the lives of the captives. Please prayerfully meditate on the presence of the I AM as Light, as a gentle light present with the girls. Additionally, please quietly affirm with feeling that this Light permeates the thoughts of those in command militarily to provide the strategy that will successfully bring release to these innocent ones whose families are in despair. The fact that they can be released is illustrated by the divine power and law as seen the disciple, Peter’s, miraculous release from prison, as recorded in the book of Acts, chapter 12. He is kept in the “inner” prison, sleeping between two soldiers, “bound with two chains” (verse 6). The faithful ones were praying for him continually. This is the set-up we are looking at today with the abducted girls, and we are the ones who are praying. The text says that “a light shined in the prison.” Let us pray to realize this light, the presence of the gentle Love that is God, be made manifest tangibly for the girls. Then an “angel of the Lord” came and woke Peter, and told him exactly what to do. He was commanded to stand (and the chains fells off), to dress, to put on his shoes, and to follow. Peter did so, and every obstacle was removed until he found himself out on the street – free. He then went to the home where the others were praying for him. Our compassionate desire of the heart is for the kidnapped girls to make their way back to their homes as well. Please affirm that angel thoughts are coming to each one and telling them exactly what to do to be safe and to be rescued and freed. Then let us thank the One Power operating in the universe, that is ever present and all good, knowing its omnipotence and tender love and action over all it own beloved children.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

China Explosion: How to Help in Prayer

Cyanide: Protection and Healing

MSN News update on the Tianjin, China, explosion this past week, reports that the Tianjin environmental protection bureau has found "within the cordoned-off area around the blast site," cyanide levels with the "highest reaching 356 times" that which is allowed.

Clearly, one of the most urgent issues to be addressed concerns the effects of this lethal chemical on human life. Is there any hope of protection or healing? From a spiritual viewpoint that all is possible to God, the answer is yes. Jesus taught that knowing truth (spiritual facts) would make us free (exempt from danger, harm, sin, or anything unlike good), an axiom that points to prayerful affirmation of spiritual reality in contradistinction to that which is ordinarily accepted in physicality (John 8:32). The exact truth that counters poison or lethal chemicals lies in Genesis 1:31, "And God saw (sees) everything that He had (has) made, and behold, it was (is) very good." Since God's Word is eternal, timeless, and universal, it is most effective to pray with this statement of reality in present tense while letting thought move from the disaster and fear to contemplation of the infinitude of Spirit, God, Good, that fills all space.

God, I AM, sees everything He has made, and behold it is very good.

Please join me in a 3-5 minute prayerful meditation on the above spiritual fact, utilizing your innate understanding of God's nature and essence as goodness and Love. If all that He has made is good, evil or destructive substance is negated, and its ill-effects dissipate. Holding fast to the correct Scriptural view is now operating as a neutralizer or antidote in the China disaster, neutralizing the threat of continued harm. This universal truth consciously and lovingly maintained in prayer, acts as a healing balm that seeps into every pore of the ground and permeates each drop of water. It is a blessing on the water for purification, and a protection-blessing to those who experience contact.

This energy of truth is infinitely stronger than the 356 times quota; it carries the irreversible power of Love.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Consolation after Catastrophe

Tianjin, China

Many complex problems follow in the aftermath of explosions in the N.E. China port, Tianjin, yesterday -- people frenzied over finding missing loved ones, mourning for the 85 who died, getting care for the 721 injured (58 very serious), and fearing further complications for all those who were (or are) in or near the area. The highly toxic chemical, sodium cyanide, apparently is the main concern at the moment, especially with the wind change inland. Imagine being evacuated after the shocking blasts, imagine not knowing the whereabouts of a loved one who had been in the affected location, imagine searching the hospitals for family members but to no avail. This is the issue I will address today -- this one piece of a massive disaster.

A parallel situation from a narrative in Genesis tells of the patriarch, Jacob, whose favorite son, Joseph, was missing. What this father did not know is that his other sons had become so jealous over Joseph (obviously the most loved) that they sold him into slavery in Egypt. To cover their evil deed, they took their brother's "coat of many colours" that their father had given him, dipped it in the blood of a goat, and presented this false evidence. Their father, Jacob, assumed that "an evil beast hath devoured," his son, Joseph, imagining him "rent in pieces" (Genesis 37:33). He mourned "many days" and "refused to be comforted" (37:34, 35). He wept and wept.

Meanwhile, Joseph was safe in Egypt, alive and well -- in fact, thriving under God's grace and favor. If Jacob could have seen over the miles to behold his son alive and well, he would not have been mourning any longer, he would have been relieved, he would have found peace. Rather than weeping, he would have been rejoicing (even as he did many years later when they were reunited). In an offering of comfort for those overwhelmed with worry for lost loved ones in China following the blasts, we turn to realize the one, infinite eternal Life that is God. In a meditative-prayer for comfort, we can realize that each individual is alive and well, now and forever, in the eternal universe of Spirit. Through spiritual sense we can 'see' this and thus derive comfort. This effectual prayer manifests in many different ways, including miraculously finding those lost, as well as comforting those still waiting for answers as to the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Turn thought to the infinite I AM that is All, and includes all--the everpresent. Meditate prayerfully on this spiritual truth to realize the presence of all the 'sons and daughters of God' in His omnipresence. This effective prayer will "avail much" and be seen in practical terms to meet the needs of those lost and those looking. This is a law to the situation for good and stands forever, fulfilling its pure intent. Thank You, Father.

Friday, August 14, 2015

World News: Follow Blogs to Add Your Spiritual Power to Help Others Worldwide

Dear Blog Followers,

Please post any world news issues that you would like to see addressed from a spiritual viewpoint, and I will respond with practical ideas on how to help through applying spiritual truths and God's Law. Our collective focused thought rests on those in need and situations adjust, people get help, healing happens. Bring your unselfish intent to this blog and let us help one another around the world.