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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Egypt Airline

With a spiritual eye on the news, two questions must be addressed concerning the Egypt Airline tragedy. 1) How can we best console those who have lost loved ones? 2) How can we pray effectively to prevent further catastrophes?

Both questions are complex, and each will most likely be addressed inaudibly and from a distance. These factors do not interfere with the application of the power of God to comfort, heal, and protect.

First, there is always shock when such things occur -- and intense sadness. It affects everyone, but those with close family or friends are most devastated. The best comfort I know comes as a gift from Christ Jesus whose cross-and-resurrection lesson demonstrated the reality of continuous life in a very substantial way. There is no doubt that each individual continues his or her experience of life, and that in reality, there is no separation but what the material senses suggest. The truth (that makes free) is that we "live, move, and have our being" in the One Infinite I AM. No one ever loses Life (the one true Life is God). Each one of us is the expression of his very Being, Mind, Love.

Preventative prayer? God is All there is and He fills all space. He is the one Intelligence and is all good. In reality all is God, Spirit, and the spiritual universe (timeless and eternal) is all there is -- we are in it and it is in us. The Scriptures say that God is "Light in whom is no darkness at all," all good in whom there is no evil at all. Realization of the everpresence of Good precludes bad things from occurring. It is where we go for true safety. We are always under the shadow of His wing, safe. These truths, realized, are a law to the case for you and will protect and defend you perfectly.

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