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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Two Barrels of Chlorine Gas Dropped: Prayer Needed for Healing

The question at issue, two barrels of chlorine gas have been dropped on Saraqeb, Syria (late on Monday, August 1), what can we do to help those afflicted? Who is responsible and why it was done are not the urgent questions, rather it is how we can effectively pray to bring healing to the approximate 30 suffering in consequence -- mostly innocent women and children. 

The need of the moment is for healing, for relief, for the saving power of divine Love to rest upon them. Can you help? Yes.

What do we need to include (or exclude) in our prayerful thinking so it is effective in healing? First, prayer needs to be more listening (to God) than informing Him. God knows all and knows the reality of His own infinitude of Good. We need to get on the side of His thought and vision. Right where evil, fear, pain, physical discomfort, threat, and violence appear, right there we must get into the embrace of that intelligent Love who makes us see from His higher view -- makes us see what is actual and real. The Scriptures say that God "is of purer eyes than to behold evil." It is not that He is unable to see everything -- God sees all and "behold, it is very good." We are seeing things incorrectly with a false perception. If we see things as they really are, we can see only Good, for God, Good fills all space "and there is none beside Him." This higher spiritual standpoint goes against all the physical sense presentation. However, holding to the infinitude of God as all good and all-loving, we are knowing truth, and Jesus said that would make us free. It will heal. 

So how to help? Turn thought to realize goodness and Love, like a gentle Light, filling all space and resting as a healing presence on those who have unjustly been afflicted. This is the Christ presence and it heals, comforts, and restores. 

What must we not include in our thinking? Blame, anger, astonishment. These obstruct. Turn so fully to God, Goodness and Love, that it is all that fills your thought. This Christly activity of thought manifests blessings and healing. The little ones in Saraqeb need us. Bring the true Light and behold them from God's eye view, safe in the midst of His Being of Love.

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