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Saturday, March 3, 2018

After the Shootings

After the Shootings

First, let the compassion and strong spiritual support continue to all who have been affected, not only by the recent Florida high school shooting, but from any previous incidents of this nature.

The extremes of human nature and action have often been acknowledged as an enigma, running from the most unselfish sacrificial loving acts to the senselessly insane violent ones against the innocent (and everything in-between).

There is a great need for us to focus on the counter fact of violence -- peace and spiritual love --  because this is what we want to draw into our experience, and this is what we desire to have manifested in our schools (and everywhere).

Rather than fighting in the ordinary way that entails a great deal of struggle and uncertainty, let us unite in a conscious, heart-felt focus on the spiritual fact of ever-present peace and brotherly love -- especially in the face of the opposite. Why and how can we do this?

We need to hold the feeling and focus of safety, peace, and love in order to bring that into manifestation. It is not a fight, but a fact. The difficult thing is to bring thought and heart into accord with this absolute reality -- but worth the endeavor of deeper understanding and discipline of reason and emotion because then we win, then we save lives.

That is why. But how can we do this kind of thinking or prayer when faced with devastation and grief unspeakable? The only way, is "the way" Christ Jesus taught and illustrated. We must begin prayer with God, and understanding of God as Good, as infinite, as all-powerful Light "in whom there is no darkness at all" (no evil at all). The only "way" to show forth this truth is to turn at least for a minute or so, to the Allness of God, Good, filling all space and time, excluding anything and everything unlike Himself. We must ask ourselves what we conceive as the nature and character of the one Creator? Love? All Love? Soul, all peaceful? Good, nothing but good? On this basis, we can safeguard ourselves, our children, and all the young people and brave teachers in our schools. This prayer is not restricted to our schools in the U.S., but its power goes out to embrace all the world. Truth operates universally, and affirming that adds spiritual power to the particular area of your concern. Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Whatever holds thought in line with unsolved love, receives directly the divine power." The most enlightened ones the world has ever known all teach this great power of unselfish love. Love enough to pray, and love enough to 'fight' the gun issue through understanding the ever presence of peace and safety so that it can manifest, protect, and disarm any perpetrators. Love governs all. Let us be a powerful protective force for our students and their teachers. Peace and safety are ever present on every campus and every room. Love governs all.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sticking with your New Year's Resolutions

Why do only 8% achieve success in following through a New Year's resolution to completion? Check out this article:

Applying the advice given from the "Mother Nature Network" on keeping resolutions, includes some very wise ideas such as telling others about your resolution to hold yourself accountable, planning milestones for yourself with rewards, and incorporating resolution action into your mornings rather than evenings if possible. Another thing, don't make your resolution too difficult or far-reaching -- it must be attainable -- it is probably a stretch, but that is good. Author Chanie Kirschner also advises those motivated for success to establish a habit with your resolution, to aim for three weeks of consistency, because then it is much more likely that it will stick.

With my spiritual eye on the news, I see that this is the time for encouragement, a time of recommitment. Now is the time for practical and encouraging steps. Now is the time to progress in reaching our goals. Because now is the time when resolutions are getting dropped or forgotten, now is the time to stop that error in its tracks. If more than 8% of us would keep our wonderful resolutions and aspirations alive, the whole of society would improve! So let's start again, start anew, or reassess and revise.

For example, take my New Year's Resolution. It is to express gratitude to God upon awakening -- before I'm even out of bed. It's a great habit. It opens the day up for God's love to pour in more freely and abundantly. Jesus was always giving his Father gratitude. This resolution has a powerful impact on the day, and it ripples out in loving and healing energy to everyone.

Now take another look at your top resolution.

1. Clearly define your resolution and your purpose for creating it (write this down)
2. Tell someone your resolution (hold yourself accountable; possibly get a partner)
3. Act on your resolution each morning/day (be consistent)
4. Set milestones and rewards for yourself (use a calendar to be sure you do)
5. Track your progress; assess set-backs; recommit (this might be a journal by your bed)
6. Motto: With God, all things are possible
7. Start again as needed (fresh, new)

Wonderful Christian healer, Mary Baker Eddy, teaches the divine secret behind successful demonstration of good, and it's straight from the Scriptures. It's the fact that Man (your true, spiritual and eternal being) is now the perfect reflection ("image and likeness") of the One perfect Creator, God. With the understanding and realization of your true identity as God's own likeness, you are empowered through grace and Christ to definitely demonstrate whatever good resolution Mind has put in your heart. In humble affirmation of "perfect God, perfect man," the power of the Almighty is behind all your efforts for good. I ask in His name that your resolutions be attained and that you thereby are blessed, and are a blessing to others.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kentucky School Shooting: How can we lovingly give effective help?

It is sad, no devastating, to once again hear of a school shooting. Each one of us must bring our spiritual light to this situation to promote healing both physically and emotionally for those directly affected. Truly, this kind of thing affects every one of us more directly than we might realize. The link below will take you to CNN online to see the report.

Let us offer some Light of Truth and Love. Comforting is not an easy thing, but comfort comes from divine Love, and its gentle power holds us to Itself through the storm. It's an emotional storm. First, offer the stillness of holding one another silently in the presence of Love. Wordless comforting in prayer. Feel after the healing power of Love for those physically hit, and for those emotionally devastated. Silent, still, holding in Love. Know the Christ-presence is there and it is operating as Law.

Pray that the Christ enters in to the individual consciousness of each one connected to this tragedy, and that Christ is working in the perfect way, in God's own way for each one.

"Be still and know that I am God," (Psalm 46:10).

Monday, January 22, 2018

Spiritual Defense and Offense for Flu

On January 8, 2018, Op-Ed Contributors of the New York Times,  Michael Osterholm and Mark Olshaaker, assessed the flu situation as it stands worldwide. They warn of the probability of a global flu pandemic -- "occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population" (Merriam-Webster). Their message is that we are "not ready." They compare the conditions at the time of the disastrous 1918 Spanish-flu epidemic where it is said that between "50 and 100 million people" lost their lives, to today. The hope of discovering an effective vaccine, they say, is within reach of our technology, however, there is insufficient funding to accomplish this goal. There are four times as many people on the planet as in 1918, and transcontinental flights bring us into proximity with one another consistently, adding to the fear of disease spreading worldwide. The remedy in the form of an efficient vaccine in sufficient amount seems out of reach.

The purpose of the blog today, is to address this issue by turning those spiritually-minded individuals to the fact of an omnipotent, ever-present "help in times of trouble." Those studying the healing works and words of the Master, Christ Jesus, know the dominion he showed over every disease or sickness. He would not be afraid of flu, nor in danger of catching it. He said, "I am not of this world," therefore exempt from illness. He also said, "Ye are not of this world." What did he mean, and how will that protect you? Truth makes us free, Jesus taught. Your are not "of this world" because in reality, right this moment, you are purely spiritual. Spirit is the one true substance, and seeing this with your spiritual sense immediately begins to act practically on one's health and well-being. There is a "medicine of Mind" that Mary Baker Eddy expounds upon in her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. The author healed thousands of people through her pure Christly prayer, and teaches us from Jesus' own words, how we can heal ourselves and others, too. Put on your Christly protection of increased spiritual understanding through your Bible study, prayer, and pure unselfish motives. Fear not, for the I Am that I Am is with you. Insist on the presence of God, Good; declare and feel that the Law of God, is the Law of Love, and is around you, your loved ones, and all.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


A new year is a new opportunity to examine life-purpose -- here is a Japanese idea, then taken to the "spiritual eye" viewpoint to expand and further bless.

While keeping an eye on the news for items to write and pray about with my readers, I stopped at a refreshing article with a Japanese, yet universal, perspective. Take a look: 

When you go to that page, the illustration is one you will want to copy to your own paper and think on filling out. The topic? Your life-purpose discovered in four main, and overlapping categories. The visual is most intriguing.

The concept of finding this integrated and balanced life-purpose, or “reason to get up in the morning,” is called ikigai.

Here are the questions, and then some spiritually-based answers for your further consideration.
  1. What do you love to do?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What does the world need from you?
  4. What do you get paid for?

Step one — go to the article.
Step two — read it for help with your answers.
Step three — draw out the illustration.
Step four —  and fill in the overlapping circles.

Now we come to the part of prayer and spiritualization in consideration of this concept ikigai.

For the purest, spiritual help in answering the four questions, I’m going to the life of Christ Jesus as reported in the Gospels. If our Master were asked, What do you love to do? What might he say? I have realized that almost every statement he made has the word “Father” in it. This shows how much God, as Father, was continually at the front of his thought and in his heart. His words and actions clearly show what he loved to do. He loved to heal and to save, to awaken and teach, and he loved to do these things because they showed forth the Father — the goodness and the Love that is God.

What was Jesus “good at?” Speaking to the multitudes, inspiring, healing, reclaiming, reforming, awakening, and saving people. Look at his discourses, especially the one that has become known as the Sermon on the Mount. He was an open air preacher; this means that every word or story had to stick like an arrow in the consciousness of his hearers. Was he not “good at” parables? Was he not “good at” demonstrating God, Good? and did he not love to do these things?

What does the world need from him? We need his example, and we need to know the depth of his teachings. The world needs his perfect exemplification of Man as he is in God’s own likeness. The world needs to find the “way” through studying his words and his healing works. One of the best texts ever written to help the world understand Jesus’ teachings and example is one first published in 1875, written by Mary Baker Eddy, entitled Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. The second chapter, “Atonement and Eucharist,” contains some the most profound enlightenment and beautiful words ever written concerning Christ Jesus. We need his example and we need to follow it every day. We need his teachings, practical and relevant now.

What did Christ Jesus get paid for? He was not on a payroll, although he may have been paid in his earlier years as he worked with Joseph as a carpenter. He did not need a salary; he is the one who took few loaves and fishes and multiplied these to feed “5,000 men, besides women and children.” He is the one who told the fishermen who caught nothing to cast their net on the right side, after which there were so many fish filling it that they could barely bring it in. 

How might you answer these four questions from a spiritual viewpoint for yourself?

PS — you may like the youtube connected to the article linked above. The speaker is Marianna Pohgosyan. It is entitled: “In the Pursuit of Ikigai.”

Be in pursuit of your life-purpose that is connected totally to your spirituality, to Truth and Love. Be fulfilled and happy, for the kingdom of heaven, the reality of being, is already within you, and you are within it. The purpose of Life as God is to express Itself in the life that is YOU. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Days After Christmas

The Days After Christmas: Reflection
Scriptural Study Center

Tis the Days after Christmas and it’s time to reflect.

We have celebrated the birth of Christ, the Savior of the world. Has there been a profound and marked difference in our character or lives as a result? What about celebrating the birth of Christ, the Light of Life and Love, in our consciousness each and every day -- always a new Christmas Day, and a new Day after Christmas?

As the Christ is repeatedly born again to life and vivacity in our consciousness, things occur that very closely resemble the effects seen in the Gospel record of Jesus and his disciples, things in the way of healing, forgiveness, abundant supply, reformation, peace, increase of spiritual understanding, and closeness to God. These are wonderful Days after Christmas. I would expect that on these Days, such blessings appear naturally. In fact, they cannot be prevented.

Are we in debt the Day after Christmas? Or are we enriched? The Scripture instructs, “Owe no man but to love one another” (Romans 13:8). If we now “owe,” this can be remedied through freely giving (expressing) more Christly love, especially love and gentleness to one’s own self. Then careful love to family members (even the difficult ones who probably need it most or deserve it least). To increase supply, give more love, express it freely to all with whom you come in contact (even a crowd, or crazies in traffic). Throw a blanket of pure Love over all, and “judge not” (Matthew 7:1). Christ is present over all. Give it over to the Father. Judge not. Fear not. Just love.
Not what do you want for Christmas – but what do you want to experience the day after Christmas – that is our proposal for consideration and further reflection.

I would expect that if we asked Jesus how he would have us commemorate his birth best, he might refer us to his words already uttered and recorded. If you love me, he explained to Peter, feed my sheep (John 21:17). If you love me, he directed his disciples, keep my commandments (John 14:15). He commanded that we love one another, that we forgive one another, that we feed and help one another (Luke 6:37). These are the things we can give freely on Christmas Day, and the Days after Christmas.

What difference did this past Christmas Day make to your soul and to your life? Make it make a difference next year, this year, each day – today.

Plan ahead for this spiritual gain, this gift of Love, each and every day, and our Father will be pleased with you for these thoughts and their subsequent actions.


·       Who will we celebrate with? Extend thought more universally, purposefully
·       What will we celebrate? Not only Jesus being born Savior of the world, but also the birth of the 
     Christ-light as it sparks to life within us each day, whether for the first time, or the zillionth!
·       When will we celebrate? Not just in December, but each day of the year.
·       Where will we celebrate? In the “house of the Lord” or “consciousness of divine Love”* as  
     explains this concept -- together in the Allness of Spirit, Mind, Love.
·       Why will we celebrate? To show gratitude to God, and to express the Christ-nature within us in
     love one to another. These celebratory motives elicit healing, bring peace, and bestow the gifts of 

Let us resolve to prepare for Christmas 2018, and the Days after Christmas 2017-18, as more blessed and intense days of spiritual and practical goodness and action for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. 

Find support in systematic, inspirational Bible study:

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Watch: Spiritualize Thought for Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, dementia, forgetfulness, and other mental disorders of any kind to any degree require the healing touch of truth, specifically the truth that God is the one perfect and infinite Mind that we reflect and express. 

The "Health News" on, November 25, 2017, carries a story that recommends "a dose of nature" for those suffering anxiety or depression. One physician actually wrote a prescription that reads: “Five times a week… spend 30 minutes at a park near your home.” This is called "eco therapy." It is "nature-based." To breathe some life-giving, peace-producing, divine energy to that wonderful idea, let's consider God as Mind and Love, filling all space. Think of this as the very atmosphere in which you "live, move, and have your being" (Acts 17:28).

Christ Jesus instructs: “What I say unto you, I say unto all, Watch” (Mark 13:37). While "park-walking," or walking anywhere for that matter, be sure to "watch." This means to become conscious of the presence of Spirit or Love -- to know you are moving through it, encompassed by it, protected under it. This Spirit, Love, is the I AM, and this I AM is Mind. 

This term watch is given in the sense of being alert and being conscious of spiritual truth. We are to watch our thinking. Be consciously aware of your own thoughts. The aim is to think the thoughts of God, rather than general-world-beliefs, or thoughts imposed by others (well-intentioned or not). The belief in many minds, rather than the one perfect Mind, God, is an age-old belief that breaks the First Commandment. It is not conducive to healing mental or physical disorders. To heal, we must know truth. To base reasoning on the fact of one infinite God who is perfect Mind, is to access the spiritual power of Christ by knowing the truth. There must be conscious connection with this omnipotent Intelligence by understanding man's relationship to God. Think of a ray of light to the sun, and you see our true oneness, our actual, eternal relationship to perfect Mind, Love. 

The Scriptures read: “ I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace...” (Jeremiah 29:11). Check your thinking. Does it tend toward peace, or produce distress? If you feel anxious or nervous, go to your thinking dispassionately. Observe your own thinking. This is critical thinking. The way to have the thoughts of God is to follow "the Way" of Christ Jesus who taught: "I am the way..." (John 14:6). 

The Scriptures admonish us to “let that Mind be in [us] that was also in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 2:5). How can we do this? Know the illness of God, the omniscience of the one God, one Mind. Then know through spiritual understanding that "man" (God's true reflection, image and likeness, your real self) reflects that Mind (Genesis 1:26). To manifest more of the truth of perfect limitless Mind, we must know this truth. Jesus declares a divine and universal Law when he instructs us to "know the truth," because this knowing will "make [us] free" (John 8:32). 

This particular truth of one God, one Mind -- keeping the First Commandment -- comes into manifestation in our experience to free us from mental issues whether they be anxiety, dementia, forgetfulness, insanity, or any other type of mental disorder. The one Mind, God, is perfect, all-knowing Intelligent I AM; man is the "image and likeness" of this one Mind. That Mind is our Mind. If we need to pray for someone with a mental disorder, this is the truth that is needed for demonstration. Rest thought on that individual and use spiritual sense to see him or her as the spiritual likeness and reflection of the one perfect Mind, God. 

Distressing, confusing, or fearful thoughts are not from God, and therefore have no real source or power. Reject so-called thoughts that are negative or limited unless you want to suffer from these beliefs that otherwise have no power to harm or restrict you. Keep the Commandment, one God, and you have one Mind, God. Just as a reflection on a still lake shows forth all that is around and above it, you show forth and experience the intelligence and peace of the Mind that is God. 

In the textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, the author explains that keeping the First Commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me," through a spiritual understanding of God, will heal anything. She proved this teaching through her amazing healing work. Helping others through prayer at-one with God, Mind, and in line with Jesus' instructions and example, she demonstrated the power of this truth thousands of times in instantaneous healings. Many unfortunate individuals were released to mental freedom, even after years of insanity. She followed Jesus' teachings and example. Christ Jesus healed everything, and he said, "The works that I do, shall ye do also." He healed countless multitudes through the power of God, Mind, his Father, our Father. 

Jesus said to ask the Father in his name, and that we would then do the works, the healing works, as he did. In this way we glorify God, the truth of one Being, one Mind, one perfect Love ever-present and expressed in each one of us. 

The one Mind is our Mind. When evil attempted to trick its way into Jesus' consciousness, he totally resisted it any entrance. Jesus completely shut out the suggestions of evil when tempted in the wilderness (Matthew chapter 4).  He gave us the perfect example of how to protect our thought from intrusive, negative, or limited thinking. He quoted Scripture as omnipotent Law, and so can we. In the final temptation, he commanded: “Get thee hence, Satan.” There are times when the onslaught of beliefs try to take over, and they need forcible expulsion. Get thee hence! any thoughts opposed to purity, peacemaking, health, or abundance!

“Draw nigh to God,” the perfect Mind that you reflect, “and He will draw nigh to you.”

Watch — carefully guard consciousness concerning yourself, body, home, family, pet, belongings, job or career, finances, and the most precious: your pure spirituality. Declare only for that which you would have manifested in your experience, and in the experience of those around you. 

Declare for one perfect Mind and one full and perfect reflection. Stick to this no matter what things look like, no matter how long an opposing thought or belief has been repeated or placed upon you, and things will change. One God, one Mind, and that Mind is your Mind.