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Friday, May 6, 2016

Prayer for Rain to quench the fire

In Alberta, Canada, a huge wildfire continues to rage and is expected to increase even further in the next 24 hours. BBC News reports that it now "covers an area larger than New York City." The hope is for rain. There has not been significant rain for some time. Everything is dry. 

Let us please unite in prayer that realizes the presence of divine Love. When Elijah prayed to show the presence and power of the one true God, fire fell from heaven. When we pray about the fire in Alberta, rain surely can be what falls from heaven to calm and put out the flames. Pray to realize no fear or panic -- nothing but Love.
Trained personnel are now searching for any remaining persons who need evacuation or help. Divine Love is present with each one of us as His own precious child. Anyone in need of help is getting help. Not one slips through the cracks. Even each small pet creature is in the special care of the dear Father -- all are getting help.

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