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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Worst air pollution in the world

BBC News reports on the cities that are the worst polluted in the world, Zabol, Iran, being number one. The next are in India. They report that plans are in place to deal with this massive problem that causes premature death, "more than seven million premature deaths occur every year due to air pollution."

What spiritual antidote can we bring to this problem? What do you think of the atmosphere of Spirit? In the allness of God, in the infinitude of Spirit, there is certain purity. Breathing in the atmosphere that is all Love must have a healing effect.

In the documentary of "The Secret" you can find Mr. Emoto's work on water and the effects of thought on its quality. There is a book available that shows how projected emotions toward water in bottles labeled such things as "hate," "fear," "love," "peace," and so forth. Mr. Emoto then takes the water drops and freezes them to crystalized forms. The positive thoughts create beautiful crystals, while negative ones create ugly images. In this documentary there is an extremely polluted lake. The water crystal from that lake was monstrous. Then a monk came to pray over the water. The change after that prayer was magnificent. The water cleared and the new image of the crystal was amazing and beautiful. This power of thought over water surely must work over air quality as well!

Then let us unite in prayer for the air quality that will result in saving lives in these cities. How can we do this? Jesus said that we would know the truth and it would make us free. The truth of the pure atmosphere of Spirit filling all space -- realized -- has that same kind of power seen in the monk's prayer over the polluted lake to cleanse it.

All space is filled with God, Soul, Spirit -- Love that brings life. Let's affirm the safety of God's children and the omnipresence of His pure Being.

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