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Friday, June 24, 2016

Floods and Severe Damage Neutralized by Prayer

Thousands need immediate help as floods in West Virginia have washed away homes and left an 18-person death toll with many more unaccounted for at this time. Rescue workers need our prayerful support as they are lovingly compelled to search for and help any remaining victims.

One story, reported by the Associated Press, enumerates the increasingly shocking steps a desperate woman took as water filled her home. Speaking with her husband by phone, she told of climbing up into the attic to escape the water, and then smelling natural gas. She managed to get out through a vent and then hold tight to a tree for hours until finally rescued. Let us pray that any other brave souls who might still be clinging to life are found and saved.

In an effort to comfort and strengthen any one in a similar position as the woman holding to the tree, please take a few minutes with me to affirm the presence of the gentle Love of God, the universal I AM. Love "casts out fear," the Scriptures assure us, and "God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind' (II Timothy 1:7). God, Love, is present; fear is abated, gone. Let the gentle presence of Love enfold all those holding on who are in scary circumstances, never expected, and give them comfort and strength. Let the divine Intelligence guide the rescue workers to go exactly to the right places and have power to successfully help.

Let us also prayerfully affirm that the hand of God, Good, is over each county that has suffered from the flooding, and that restoration be quick.

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