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Thursday, June 8, 2017


When you get that little nudge that you cannot quite define, that feeling that maybe you should wait, or a totally "green light" on a decision -- all of that is intuition. Intuition is something literally built into the spiritual DNA or genetics of our Soul -- it is the actual presence of Mind in operation as our consciousness that feels after correct impulses of direction. Intuition in decision-making may push through to you at any time, under any circumstances, but it is best sought in quiet places of solitude, even if for only a moment or two. Habitual meditative times really open the door wide for intuition. You may find yourself with greatly increased discernment in various areas of experience and in relations and communication with others. When we stop trying to tell God, Spirit, everything, stop asking and asking for help, and instead listen and quiet our personal senses, then intuition comes in as a refreshing wave of calm and peaceful awakening. It "restores my soul," (Psalm 23). Wondering if something is right? A decision is to be made? A relationship or job be pursued? Quiet -- listen for angel messages -- ask and they will come. This is your natural intuitiveness -- a gift from Soul. You will know. Be grateful that you will know. Thank You for letting me know what to do, when to wait, when to move forward. Be not afraid and do not hurry. Most of all, do not argue with your spiritual intuitions or try to "logically" explain them away. They are pure and have your best interest to the front. Trust the bigger picture to God and feel His directing. The divine plan is for perfect harmony and happiness. Listen and follow, even if it doesn't make sense at the moment; even if it seems disappointing -- wait. Love wants only the best for you. There is a divine plan and nothing can interfere with it; it is operating in your behalf for your best good and to bless those that you have, or will have, in your experience. With intuition you can be the best help, the most discerning counselor or coach, because it is not the personal you thinking or speaking. You listen to what people say, and at the same time you hear what God is saying because you have nurtured that listening prayer and are always receiving angel messages. You speak what God says to your consciousness and it turns out to be perfect intuitiveness with just the right answer for the one who needs your help.

Once I had the intuition that I should not go so early to pick up my daughter from school -- I usually left with extra time. It didn't make sense to me and I fought off the light little intuition with human logic and left as always. For this, I was stuck for a really long time in a traffic jam, and when I finally arrived at the school, I had to wait because my daughter was held up talking with her teacher. This is just a tiny example, but illustrates how we need to really be obedient to the gentle promptings that come to thought in the form on intuitions.

A time when my intuitions came to the rescue occurred when a woman called me to pray with her. She said she was so weak that she couldn't really get out of bed anymore, and she was just giving up. She was scared. The angel messages that came as I prayed with her prompted me to ask if she lived alone, if she had anyone there, if she had eaten. All responses were in the negative. I was able to get her to call a family member to come assist her -- she was quite reluctant to do so because she was afraid they might take her from her home. This led to practical and gentle steps that took care of her immediate needs, and we continued to pray together a few more times on the phone. She recovered health and strength and was able to stay home safely after a few weeks. I am grateful for the angel messages that came to my thought to ask the right questions.

You can develop the strength of your innate intuitiveness through quiet meditative prayer. Doing this regularly with the purpose of expressing love and bringing healing enables you to receive the intuitions you need to help yourself and others, and have a happier, Spirit-connected life!