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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Food and Spiritual Grace

The Health/food section of BBC News reexamines the recurring question of what foods are good for us versus those that might harm. Once again, the diametric changes in opinions on this topic are observed incredulously. 

The article, "Are Any Foods Safe to Eat?" poses these startling inquiries: "Is bacon really as bad for you as cigarettes? Will coffee give you a heart attack? Do wheat-eaters suffer - 'brain fog'?" 

The deeper issue, beyond chemical properties of material food, lies in our emotional responses to it -- pleasure, fear, threat, sad memories, indignation as to what was done to obtain the food, the attitude of the one cooking or making your food, and so forth. It has been shown that if one eats while angry, the chemical properties of the food become toxic. 

My daughter and I went to a deli for a sandwich to split. The woman who was making it became very surly and said mean words. We both decided that we did not want to eat that sandwich. Taking in food is really taking it, as an idea, into your consciousness. It should not be eaten when in the midst of negativity either around you or within  you. 

Maybe saying "grace," besides expressing gratitude, is a protection. Saying "grace" requires grace. Grace dissipates negativity, sadness or anger. I like to say that whatever the food is, it is an idea of God (the Creator of all) and therefore can only bless me. It is a protective grace.

Lift your sense of food up from the material to the idea of nurturing and feeding consciousness by Spirit. Try to have love and positive thoughts and feelings surround your food. This is more important than the information on labels or changing beliefs of nutritionists or new findings of research. 

Grace: Thank You, I AM THAT I AM, for this idea of food that can only bless me. 

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