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Sunday, November 15, 2015


The terrorist acts in Paris on Friday the 13th (2015), have been claimed by ISIS. One of the targets was a rock concert that they called a nest of prostitutes. Another, a harmless sports event. Innocent ones in a restaurant suddenly found themselves in a shower of glass and bullets. Hate and fear in this horrendous form of violence can never be met effectively by more hate or fear. It can never be effectively addressed by anything but its absolute opposite -- the love of divine Love.

Terror. From Latin terrorem meaning great fear, dread, panic, alarm. It is to fill with fear, frighten, or tremble. The Oxford English Dictionary explains that a terrorist is one who is "a member of a clandestine or expatriate organization aiming to coerce an established government by acts of violence again it or its subjects." The Bible exhorts, "Dread not." These were words of God to Moses, and they are words of God to us today. God says, "... be strong, and of good courage; dread not, nor be dismayed" (I Chronicles 22:13). How can we do this in the face of terrorism, its devastating aftermath and its future threats? The opposite of dread and dismay is Love, not human or personal love, but the Love that is the nature and substance of the Infinite One. How can we access this for healing and protection?

There are many survivors that need healing right now, physically and emotionally. Nothing short of Spirit's lifting consciousness up from the darkness and horror to the Light of Love will do this. Standing in astonishment is a natural reaction, but turning from that blackness to the Light of Life is the only thing that will bring healing, and bring it speedily. "Be not afraid of the terror by night" (Psalm 91:5). Many people who have been through war situations have leaned hard on this 91st Psalm, known as the psalm of protection. If you are ever going to memorize a portion of the Scriptures, this would be one of the best.The first verse reads, "He that dwelt in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." What is this secret place? It is the ever presence of divine Love that continually enfolds us. It fills all the universe with its living Love. 

SO HOW CAN WE HELP? Go to Psalm 91 and let your spiritual sense of its message comfort you and lift you from the depths of reaction to the horrors of the Paris attack to the love of the infinite I AM.  Go in thought, focus on the light of Love that is within, and Love will lift you to spiritual Light and power through His grace. See this energy of the Spirit of Christ resting on everyone touched by this recent event, bringing consolation and healing. See the Light of Love present -- solid present -- no one can get outside of it. 

Do not try to figure everything out. We have healing work to do, and comforting to bring. Thank you for your prayers and brotherly-sisterly love. It is felt. It is helping. It is healing. It is consoling. 

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