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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Continuing Refugee Crisis: Continuing Love

As refugees continue to be in crisis, reports and photos keep the world aware of their needs and expose the amount of help offered from various countries. Lebanon has accepted an incredible one million refugees this year, while Germany has received over 570,000. Meanwhile the United States has stuck to its quota of 70,000, to be increased, but not until 2017. Starving, begging, homeless or poorly housed refugees do not have the ability to wait. Borders are closing on them, and desperate people continue to use often dangerous water routes to get around these.

While survival for one's self is a huge motivator and force, parental care for children in extreme need or danger drives individuals to the limits. There are things we will do for the sake of our innocent little ones that we might not otherwise attempt. Behind the courage or daring of this is the pureness of Love, and this higher power of divine Love is what we must call on in prayer to remove obstacles and bring the needed things.

WHAT WE CAN DO. Affirming together that the energy of Love and Spirit is present and can do all things, prayerfully meditate for at least a few minutes to realize the protecting power and Light of the Christ surrounding all of God's children -- and we all are God's children. The practical result is safety and supply. Affirm that your spiritual realization is operating now as a Law that is healing and saving for the refugees, opening the way, feeding their hearts and feeding them needful food. As you pray and rise to the energy of Spirit or Soul, know that your prayer is "not in vain in the Lord" (I Cor. 15:58). You have a direct impact for good on those little ones who need it most -- even just three minutes. We are a collective force for good that reaches those our prayer rests upon whether near or really far, whether we know the ones we are knowing Truth for, or not. Love encircles those of our intention and comforts them right now.
New York Times, Nov. 8, 2015

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