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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weather: Peace, be Still

WEATHER: Peace, be still 

The weather channel serves us well in reporting factual information regarding storms, road conditions, and so forth. Today's headline is distressing:"Life-Threatening, Potentially Historic Flash Flooding in South Carolina, North Carolina, West of Hurricane Joaquin."
The report explains that "relentless onshore winds and potentially unprecedented rainfall ... over the next several days for many states on the U.S. East Coast" is resulting in serious flooding that will only continue to increase. The ominous report adds that the result of these weather conditions is "life-threatening" and "potentially historic" in the amount of rainfall, in many areas of South Carolina and North Carolina.
How can we effectively pray to be protected and to extend that power of prayer to those suffering these extraordinary conditions? Jesus explains that we must build upon a rock -- a solid, immovable foundation -- and that rock is Christ, it is the presence of God in expression to heal and save as he demonstrated. He explains, "And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock" ( Matt. 7:25). 
To build one's house (which means metaphysically and spiritually -- and in Hebrew literature -- one's consciousness) upon a rock, is to hold thought in continual awareness of the presence and the power of Spirit, divine Love. Base thought on the safety of the Christ-presence and this truth will manifest in security through the most untoward conditions. It will affect your environment for good. You will not fall. Your right spiritual understanding of this will extend to those around you as seen in the stilling of the storm by Jesus that saved all the small ships in the surrounding area (read below). 
Mark 4:35-41 (Bible in Basic English)
And on that day, when the evening had come, he said to them, Let us go over to the other side. 
And going away from the people, they took him with them, as he was, in the boat. And other boats were with him. 
And a great storm of wind came up, and the waves came into the boat, so that the boat was now becoming full. 
And he himself was in the back of the boat, sleeping on the cushion: and they, awaking him, said, Master, is it nothing to you that we are in danger of destruction? 
And he came out of his sleep, and gave strong orders to the wind, and said to the sea, Peace, be at rest. And the wind went down, and there was a great calm. 
And he said to them, Why are you full of fear? have you still no faith? A
nd their fear was great, and they said one to another, Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea do his orders? 
To have true spiritual power in our prayer to manifest good, to protect, save, and heal, we must realize the one infinite Mind or Intelligence, God, who is all Good -- focus thought on that in deep meditative prayer -- and then see ourselves reflecting this. In this way, the pure truth "that makes free" fills consciousness. This reflected, realized truth from God is a law to any situation for good. In this state of thought, say as the Master, "Peace, be still," and then turn it all to God's power in full trust that good is manifesting. This seems a simple thing, and it is, but it must be done, the same as flicking on a light switch must be done to fill a very dark room with immediate light. "Peace, be still," are words from the divine, gentle, omnipresence, and knowing this will manifest in at least some degree of calm, and may in fact, be life-saving for those caught up in the weather. 

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