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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Road Rage: Presence of Peace

Road Rage is outrageous. According to BBC News, a four-year-old, Lily Garcia, "was shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident in New Mexico" today, October 22. What an unthinkable, unbearable, and senseless act -- how sorrowful. Lily's father told police that "the shooting was the result of road rage." The pictures of Lily show a delightful and happy little face of innocence.
Those who suffer from violent anger that erupts without control need to seek aid to find a more balanced, more peaceful, less threatening life. Some do go to therapy called 'anger management,' and get help, but a great many do not. Vehement anger is like a burst of destructive flame, and should never be anywhere near a sweet child -- or anyone else. 
In Ephesians it counsels us to "Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and glamour, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. The question is, How do we do this? Whether the need is to heal yourself of spurts of anger, or to help another who may even be violent or get out of control, the underlying basis for a turn-around to steadiness and more peacefulness is the fact that God is all, God is good, and we are His reflection ("image and likeness" -- Genesis 1:26). 
God is never out-of-control angry; God is Love and peace. The Infinite is pure calm. He is never ruffled, never hurried, never disturbed, irritated, aggravated, or wrathful. God is pure peace and goodness. Man is His likeness. Our true identity is just like the Peaceful One. No matter how much evidence of rage is seen or felt, suffered or suppressed, the fact is that man is never in a state of anger, for man is the steady and changeless reflection or likeness of God. That which is in the mirror can only show forth that which is before it. God, the calm ever presence, is reflected by man at all times and under all circumstances. This is the truth that "makes free," and it is the truth we hold to in prayer when the opposite appearance threatens. 
I once walked into a home to see a new friend, only to find she had been beaten by a drunk abusive husband, and her children were crying in the corner of a bedroom. I had no idea she was dealing with that. Before I could leave, he returned home. Let me tell you, he was big and scary. I managed to get out to my car and was thinking I should call the police but my phone would not work. I prayed as hard as I could to know the truth of man as God's likeness, to see this drunk and enraged person as he really was -- the likeness of the Infinite Calm One -- peaceful and good. I pulled out onto the main road and was immediately stopped by the police. I was never so happy to be stopped by an officer. My tail light was out, but the real reason was so that I could point to the house and tell him that my friend was in danger. He left right away to take care of the situation. The result of this was that the man was forced to get help, the wife was protected, and the power of Love was demonstrated by the police officer's appearance just when it was most needed.
We must be wise on the roads, and wise in our dealings with others. Watch body language, and be careful not to provoke anyone, especially when there are children around. What can be done now? Lily's little four years of life and sweet joyfulness must leave an indelible mark of good -- it must be a catalyst for us to effect some lasting change for good -- it must not be in vain, but rather save the lives of others. It has caused me to write this blog, to share a most powerful spiritual fact about man's true nature that can help and heal, protect and transform. Pray to see reflection of the peace and calm of God as Soul, right where rage is burning, for that is the truth of man's identity and nature. Seeing spiritually brings protection and healing. Doing this will keep you and others safe. Road rage will dissipate. 
Lily is in the arms of the dear Infinite One, loved. Let us pray that her family feels the comfort of Love, and keep close with supporting thoughts and truth.

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