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Friday, October 16, 2015

Arctic Drilling, Polar Bears, and Dominion

The Arctic region has protected itself by yielding less than desirable results in recent testing for offshore oil and gas.  Environmentalists, and especially, polar bears, are quite happy over this finding which has caused cancellation of "two potential Arctic offshore lease sales" as well as any extensions on current leases. The expense and dangers of arctic drilling further aid in the protection of this area. The Scriptures say that man was given "dominion over all the earth," but does not mean to exploit it or bring harm to the environment or the creatures it sustains. (Gen. 1:26). The idea of "dominion" given in Genesis is more in line with care giving, and wise use of resources provided. To "subdue" the earth infers that man makes it productive and good, but surely this does not include destruction, contamination, or ruin. There is nothing in the nature of God as presented in the first account of creation (Genesis 1:1 - 2:4) that would occasion any necessity for ruin or imbalance. God calls all into being by His word, "Let there be..." and everything is pronounced "good" (1:31). However dominion is interpreted, surely it must be in line with God's true nature of Love.

WHAT CAN WE DO? Prayerful meditation on the reality of spiritual being, the true nature of Love filling all space and protecting all the innocent ones, will support all right endeavors and bring healing to our planet.

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