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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Sealed Out Refugees

According to The Wall Street Journal's article by Margit Feher, Hungary has now created a law "criminalizing illegal border crossings," with a boost from " a loophole in existing European Union travel regulations," to stop the influx of migrants on its southern border (Sept. 9, 2015). The penalty may be years in prison. 

A Bible narrative that parallels this situation may shed some spiritual light on how we can address this effectively. When Balak, king of Moab, saw that a multitude (the children of Israel) were about to overrun the border of his country, he was afraid. There were too many of them. He feared they would take over the whole land. He wanted to prevent their entry. Numbers 22:4 says that "Moab was distressed because of the children of Israel." The description in verse 5 says that "they cover the face of the earth, and they abide over against me."

Balak sent for Balaam who was known to be a prophet that could cause events to change according to his prayer. He commands that Balaam curse the people, allowing the king to "prevail ... and drive them out of the land" (22:6). God tells Balaam that the people are blessed and he cannot curse them. When forced to accompany the soldiers, the prophet appears before the king, and repeats that he cannot do anything more or less than God commands. Therefore, when taken to the top of a hill overlooking the mass of people heading for the border, Balaam blesses them. Balak, the king, is irate.
He blesses the people 3 times.

Where the Syrian refugees go, what borders they cross, what seas they dare, what guides they hire, what courage they muster to try all manner of escape to find home and safety for themselves and their children, these right endeavors are guided by the divine Intelligence and they are blessed in every right move under the motive of Love one for another. So long as the motive is pure, they are blessed. Nothing can prevent an individual from demonstrating home when his/her heart is pure and the motive is right. 

How hard would you try for your children (or loved ones) to keep them safe? What dangers would you face? If one way does not open, there will be another way, a better way. WHAT TO KNOW: The prayerful-meditation here is to get to realization of the presence and power of divine Love, its infallible guidance, tender protection, and the divine will that every one of His/Her sons and daughters be at peace and secure in a good manifestation of "home." 

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