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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Metaphysical Fire Fighting

Metaphysical Fire Fighting

Supported and infused with metaphysical or spiritual power, fire fighting becomes more effective and more quickly reaches its goal of putting out the flames. The 16-hour-flight by Australian and New Zealand firefighters to Oregon to increase efforts to save endangered forests and more homes because "we must help each other," brings an added element of love to the situation, and love is of God, the I AM THAT I AM. The fires raging on the west coast of the United States are devastating and wildly destructive.

WHAT CAN WE DO? Being moved with compassion, with a pure motive as manifested in the firefighters from Australia and New Zealand who plan to spend at least two weeks in this right endeavor, we can each pledge two weeks of 'metaphysical fire fighting.'

WHAT IS THAT AND HOW DO YOU DO IT? Meta means above; this is a method of effective help that is above and beyond that which is being done physically, but which powerfully affects these right human actions for good. It is above the ordinary, connecting with the ever present spiritual energies of the universe that manifest power that meet the needs of our present experience. The method is prayerful meditation whereby the divine Law of Love is present and activated in situations or circumstances where one realizes it rests.

WHAT TO REALIZE IN THE EVENT OF THIS MASSIVE WEST COAST FIRE. There is a Bible narrative in I Kings about the prophet, Elijah. Threatened by Queen Jezebel, he flees to the desert and just 'gives up.' An angel rouses his thought and leads him to Mount Horeb where Elijah goes into a cave. He feels that everything and everyone is against him or has lost all faith in God. As he stands in the doorway of the cave, an earthquake occurs. In Scripture, an earthquake, when paralleled with one's thought, indicates an huge mental shake-up where changes in consciousness are inevitable. Since the only power in the universe truly is God, who is good, the only real effect of that earthquake is this essential mental shaking. This prepared Elijah for the incredible wind that followed. God is only in the wind that blows away chaff, that all-power that cleans consciousness and purifies. God is not in the earthquake or wind that seems so destructive. Finally, there is a FIRE. The Scripture explains that God was not in the fire -- God is not is destructive forces. God is only in the fire that purifies one's heart and soul. The Scriptures explain that God is not in the earthquake, wind, or fire of material appearing, therefore there is no real power in these elements of destruction. God is the only power. After these things, Elijah heard a "still small voice (I Kings 19:12)" This is where we are going in prayerful meditation to metaphysically fight the fires -- to hearing the "still small voice," or "sound of a gentle whisper," as one translation states. Remember, God speaks and it is done ("Let there be light and there was light," Genesis 1).

REALIZATION and peace are given by the Holy Spirit, through Christ, and the "still small voice" is omnipotent Love whose gentle whisper, "Peace, be still," is sufficient to stop destruction. As the winds and waves obeyed the Master, Christ Jesus, so this fire is now under the control of God's Law of Love bear witness in prayerful meditation. Quietly focus thought for at least 5 - 10 minutes on the "still, small voice," or "the gentle whisper," or "the sound of a soft breath," present to quench the flames and make them harmless.

...after the earth-shock a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire, the sound of a soft breath (Bible in Basic English, I Kings 19:12).

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