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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pardons and Freedom

Pardons in Egypt: Journalists and Protesters

Today, Wednesday, September 23, brings incredible relief to 100 imprisoned young people, through the pardon of Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. Tomorrow Sisi addresses the UN General Assembly. 

Two journalists, named in particular, are the Canadian, Mohammed Fahey, and the Egyptian, Baher Mohamed. They were to serve 3 more years in prison after the retrial held a month ago. BBC News explains, "Prosecutors accused them of collaborating with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood after the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi by the military in 2013. The journalists denied the allegation and said they were simply reporting the news." All hope that the Australian correspondent, Peter Greste, has been included in the pardon. Let us keep all the innocents serving sentences in our hearts and prayers, affirming the presence of divine Love and justice that does literally fill all space. Let us affirm that its omnipresence and omniaction is in operation as Law that meets our needs and sets us free.

The Apostle, Paul, was often put into prison (as we read in Acts), and always the presence of the Christ was with him, seen in multifarious forms of blessings and help for himself and all who came into contact with him. 

WHAT TO DO: To help those not yet pardoned, please take 5 MINUTES to prayerfully meditate on the presence and active Law of divine Love encircling, encompassing, and embracing them during this hardship. Realize, even for one moment, that these innocent ones are being comforted by Christ and cannot be confined. Let your thoughts of Love's presence rest on their waiting families as well. 

MORE TO DO: Pardon = forgiveness. To enhance the power of this important work, choose one thing to forgive today, this moment, for yourself or another. Declare the pardon before heaven -- even if it is just of one small infraction. 

Visit my website: to hear selections from the Bible on forgiveness.

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