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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Refuge and Home

Refuge and Home

The ever-increasing wave of refugees seeking safe homes, pose complex issues for European countries who are so moved to provide shelter and aid. Yahoo News reports that "migrants and refugees to Europe from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea and elsewhere this year" are pouring into Europe, particularly to Germany, creating a huge demand for temporary as well as permanent housing. There were 400,000 applications for  asylum in Europe in just the first half of this year. More applicants hope to resettle and begin anew in the United States. While many government agencies and volunteers welcome and help these individuals, resistance remains, sometimes seen in destructive acts that delay rescue for oppressed families. The question remains, what about a country's own homeless situation? How can home be provided for all inhabitants, those already present and those who are coming in new?

The underlying idea of home, innate in each of us, remains forever a constituent part of individual and collective identity. Each one of us includes "home" in consciousness, a spiritual fact that must find expression in everyday experience. To effectively pray so that spiritual solutions become tangible reality here and now, we must cling to the truth that no one can be deprived of home any more than anyone could be devoid of free use of the number 4, or 6, or 1,000, etc. 

Home, metaphysically conceived, is one's specific and safe place in the universe of Spirit, or in the words of Christ Jesus, the "kingdom of heaven within" (within thought). The universe of Love is home to man, the spiritual image and likeness of God, and includes provisions that are appropriate and excellent from the Source of all being, the compassionate, divine Intelligence. 

To relinquish the ordinary sense of finite measure for the limitless and measureless truth of spiritual actuality not only aids in solving the issues of housing and help for refugees, but this unselfish prayer, coupled with true compassion, returns  good to you 10 to 100-fold.

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