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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Consolation after Catastrophe

Tianjin, China

Many complex problems follow in the aftermath of explosions in the N.E. China port, Tianjin, yesterday -- people frenzied over finding missing loved ones, mourning for the 85 who died, getting care for the 721 injured (58 very serious), and fearing further complications for all those who were (or are) in or near the area. The highly toxic chemical, sodium cyanide, apparently is the main concern at the moment, especially with the wind change inland. Imagine being evacuated after the shocking blasts, imagine not knowing the whereabouts of a loved one who had been in the affected location, imagine searching the hospitals for family members but to no avail. This is the issue I will address today -- this one piece of a massive disaster.

A parallel situation from a narrative in Genesis tells of the patriarch, Jacob, whose favorite son, Joseph, was missing. What this father did not know is that his other sons had become so jealous over Joseph (obviously the most loved) that they sold him into slavery in Egypt. To cover their evil deed, they took their brother's "coat of many colours" that their father had given him, dipped it in the blood of a goat, and presented this false evidence. Their father, Jacob, assumed that "an evil beast hath devoured," his son, Joseph, imagining him "rent in pieces" (Genesis 37:33). He mourned "many days" and "refused to be comforted" (37:34, 35). He wept and wept.

Meanwhile, Joseph was safe in Egypt, alive and well -- in fact, thriving under God's grace and favor. If Jacob could have seen over the miles to behold his son alive and well, he would not have been mourning any longer, he would have been relieved, he would have found peace. Rather than weeping, he would have been rejoicing (even as he did many years later when they were reunited). In an offering of comfort for those overwhelmed with worry for lost loved ones in China following the blasts, we turn to realize the one, infinite eternal Life that is God. In a meditative-prayer for comfort, we can realize that each individual is alive and well, now and forever, in the eternal universe of Spirit. Through spiritual sense we can 'see' this and thus derive comfort. This effectual prayer manifests in many different ways, including miraculously finding those lost, as well as comforting those still waiting for answers as to the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Turn thought to the infinite I AM that is All, and includes all--the everpresent. Meditate prayerfully on this spiritual truth to realize the presence of all the 'sons and daughters of God' in His omnipresence. This effective prayer will "avail much" and be seen in practical terms to meet the needs of those lost and those looking. This is a law to the situation for good and stands forever, fulfilling its pure intent. Thank You, Father.

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