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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 500 Nigerian Girls Need Rescue

Nigerian Girls Need Rescue 500th day

You are invited to bring a spiritual view, and therefore spiritual power, to the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign protesting the abduction of 276 female students in Nigeria 500 days ago (only 57 escaped). A video released last May by Boko Haram showed 100 of the girls in Muslim attire. It announced that they had converted and were now married.  Today’s march on the capital and evening candle-lit vigil marks the 500 days. Although this incident has received world-wide attention, the hope of rescue is dwindling – it is a call for compassionate spiritual support which reaches into every nook, crevice, or hiding place with its presence, light, spiritual power, and protection. It is reported that the military knows where these female students are located but are in a quandary as to the rescue operation as it would endanger the lives of the captives. Please prayerfully meditate on the presence of the I AM as Light, as a gentle light present with the girls. Additionally, please quietly affirm with feeling that this Light permeates the thoughts of those in command militarily to provide the strategy that will successfully bring release to these innocent ones whose families are in despair. The fact that they can be released is illustrated by the divine power and law as seen the disciple, Peter’s, miraculous release from prison, as recorded in the book of Acts, chapter 12. He is kept in the “inner” prison, sleeping between two soldiers, “bound with two chains” (verse 6). The faithful ones were praying for him continually. This is the set-up we are looking at today with the abducted girls, and we are the ones who are praying. The text says that “a light shined in the prison.” Let us pray to realize this light, the presence of the gentle Love that is God, be made manifest tangibly for the girls. Then an “angel of the Lord” came and woke Peter, and told him exactly what to do. He was commanded to stand (and the chains fells off), to dress, to put on his shoes, and to follow. Peter did so, and every obstacle was removed until he found himself out on the street – free. He then went to the home where the others were praying for him. Our compassionate desire of the heart is for the kidnapped girls to make their way back to their homes as well. Please affirm that angel thoughts are coming to each one and telling them exactly what to do to be safe and to be rescued and freed. Then let us thank the One Power operating in the universe, that is ever present and all good, knowing its omnipotence and tender love and action over all it own beloved children.

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  1. Thank you for this enlightened and focused way to keep our prayerful and meditative thought centered!